The Mudroom – Building a Bench

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and those that made it to Blissdom had a wonderful time! 

My family and I spent the weekend in Atlanta and enjoyed some down time–but I am glad to be back home (there’s no place like it, right?)

Tonight I finally got around to starting Project Mudroom!  I was thrilled to see that our local Home Depot now carries PureBond plywood.  In case you haven’t heard, PureBond is a formaldehyde-free, soy-based adhesive plywood, and is made exclusively in North America.  I stocked up on a couple of 4X8 sheets to get me started.

I started with the long bench first.  I measured the length of the wall where I want the bench to go, allowing for trim.

I cut two 16″ X 66″ boards for the front and back of the long bench. That’s them in the background on the trailer.  (I don’t have a proper workbench…yet).

Then I cut two panels for the ends measuring 16″x 15.5″.

I brought out the Kreg Jig and drilled holes into the end panels.

Sanded the edges…

Then I glued the end panels to the back allowing them to set up before drilling the screws in.  If you don’t let the glue set up, you run the risk of the board shifting when you put the screw in.

Once the end panels were screwed into the back, it was time to place it on the front panel.  First the glue:

Then I set the part I had already assembled on top of the front panel to set the glue.

I let the glue set and finished assembling the box.  As you can tell, it was getting dark, so I had to quit for the day.  But it’s a start, right?  I hope to get more accomplished tomorrow, but rain is the forecast.  We shall see.


Mudroom–Plan A

I think I have finally come up with a plan for my future mudroom!

After looking at hundreds of pictures of mudrooms on Pinterest, Google, and, I think I finally have a plan…or is it Plan A?  Time will tell, but I really like this plan.

I downloaded Google SketchUp (it’s free, and super easy to use), and started playing around with it.  I drew several different plans, and finally came up with one that I think will work:

The benches will have hinged lids for storage, but here’s the part I really like:  Norm (my electrician husband) suggested building a “false bottom” underneath the upper cabinets and installing recessed puck lights.  This room has no windows so, I think the under-cabinet lighting would be a nice accent. 

Time to find another place for that freezer and let the building begin!

What do you think?

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Dreaming of a Mudroom

Now that I can mark the bathroom off my list, I am thinking my next project might be the mudroom in the basement.  We really need a place to hang coats and jackets, since closet space is minimal in this house.  Here are some of my inspiration photos:

Aren’t they gorgeous!  I don’t think I want to build individual lockers.  They would not really serve a purpose for us.  Also, instead of cubbys for the bench, I would rather have a hinged lid. 
While we’re at it, I would also like to build a small broom closet.  I’m thinking of something along these lines–maybe a little larger, though:
Here is my “canvas”:
I also want to paint the walls.  I’m leaning toward Behr’s Swiss Coffee, which is our cabinet/trim color. 
Anyway, lots to be done.
In other news, the cabinet latch for the bathroom cabinet finally arrived from Restoration Hardware!
I love it.  Isn’t it amazing how the little things can make such an impact?