I think I have finally come up with a plan for my future mudroom!

After looking at hundreds of pictures of mudrooms on Pinterest, Google, and Houzz.com, I think I finally have a plan…or is it Plan A?  Time will tell, but I really like this plan.

I downloaded Google SketchUp (it’s free, and super easy to use), and started playing around with it.  I drew several different plans, and finally came up with one that I think will work:

The benches will have hinged lids for storage, but here’s the part I really like:  Norm (my electrician husband) suggested building a “false bottom” underneath the upper cabinets and installing recessed puck lights.  This room has no windows so, I think the under-cabinet lighting would be a nice accent. 

Time to find another place for that freezer and let the building begin!

What do you think?

I hope everyone is having a great week!