I am finally calling it a wrap on this bathroom.  There are things I should probably do over, (like a cabinet door–or two), and I will, but right now I am ready to take the lessons learned from this project and move on to something else!

I cannot find my before shots, so I took a picture of our other bathroom, which is almost identical to this one.  The master bathroom, was in worse shape, though.  The floor had a large crack in it from where the house has settled, and the bathtub’s finish had worn off and was beyond repair, but the tile and cabinets were exactly the same.


This is very similar to what the bathroom looked like “Before”

I have ordered a turn latch to go on the cabinet over the toilet.  Speaking of toilets…who puts one in front of a full length window?!  We badly wanted to move this but it would have been too much of an undertaking.