There has not been a whole lot going on here at the homestead.  We have not been home, for one thing, which means nothing has gotten accomplished, except for laundry–hardly a blog-worthy event–but we have clean clothes.

So, I’ve been thinking… I want to paint my living and dining rooms.  They are currently a pale yellow and have been that way for several years.


The current dining room was originally the living room, and the small sitting room in the background, use to be the dining room.  The dining table was too big for the small room, so I swapped them out.   I like it much better, although I would like to add a chandelier to the new dining room in the future.  (I would also love to refinish these floors, but that is going to have to wait).

Here is a close up of the sitting room:

When it comes to wall colors, I have always played it safe with soft neutrals.  Any time I have ventured outside my comfort zone, it goes horribly wrong!  I think I was born without that “color wheel” gene, that comes so easily to others. 

So here’s my dilemma:  I want to paint the rooms a very pale shade of grey, but I think the green mats on the pictures would look out-of-place.  What if I changed them out for white or cream?  The magnolia prints would look something like this:

I would do the same thing for my Wampler prints.  So this:

Would look something like this:

What do you think?

(Of course, before I do any of this, there is that other project I have yet to finish…)