Are you familiar with Ana-White’s site?  I came across it about a year ago, and I love it!  She has so many furniture plans, and I am amazed by her talented readers who post their finished projects on her site.

When we got a flat-screen television, we had to do away with the large entertainment console that housed the old tv.  I was not sorry to see it go, but it served us well.  We needed something to go underneath the television, though, to house the media stuff that we have accumulated.  That’s when I came across Ana’s site.  What a find!  I had never built a piece of furniture when I found her blog, but she inspired me!

She had this pattern for a media console table that I really liked.  The instructions seemed easy enough, so off I went to Home Depot for lumber.

It was the first time I used my Kreg Jig and I think I got a little carried away.  I mean, that drawer is not going anywhere!

Bottom of drawer–HA!

I finished it in a matter of days and here is what it looked like before sanding and paint:

Here is the finished product today:

I did not think about the cords and wires showing from all of the media boxes (duh!), which is why there is a big old honking ottoman underneath.  (We will eventually run the wires through the wall).

Anyway, I had these two small panels lying around that I cut out in my shop.

I decided to stand them up in the opening underneath the drawers to see how they would look:

I kind of like it and am thinking about making a fitted screen to fit the entire opening of the shelf.  It would hide the media boxes, while allowing access so the remote can work.

What do you think?