There are two more shopping days until Christmas, and it looks like we got one present a little early—lucky us.

Yesterday, I noticed this bad smell coming from the basement.  The first culprit was the cat box.   Anxious to have my house smelling more like the holidays, I cleaned the box out completely (or “digging for treasures,” as I call it), and figured the smell would soon dissipate.  With Christmas coming and company on the way, do you suppose it did?  Of course not—it got worse!  So, we examined every square inch of the basement, cautiously sniffing everything that was suspect.  We narrowed it down to a particular area, which happens to be a hallway with nothing in it.  We were about to give up when my son said the dreaded words, “It smells like something has died”.  Bingo.  That’s exactly what it smelled like, and it is horrendous.

I have tried everything to mask the scent, but there is no soy candle in my arsenal of scented candles that can compete with this.  This is one gift that keeps on giving, and giving.

Where are those cats when you need ‘em?

This blog has sunk to a new low.  I cannot believe I posted this…