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Our laundry room was another part of our basement renovation.  It was originally a small panelled room with two electrical boxes, which is all I saw when I looked in the room.  I did not think to get a good “before” shot.  I took this one after we had removed the panelling, ceiling, and floor tiles.

It’s difficult to see in the above picture, but the exposed vent and pipe areas extended out about an inch from the wall.  We wanted everything to be flush.  (I also wanted to do something about those electrical boxes).

We ended up shimming out that wall to make everything even.  Then we installed the bead board panelling.

Instead of sheetrocking the ceiling, like we did the rest of the basement, we did a variation of a suspended ceiling that still allows access to wiring and vents–much less dust!  We also built doors to cover up the electrical boxes to make it look a little more uniform.

We had some left-over tile from the bathroom, so we used it for the floor.  The baseboards are a type of pvc material that is used for exterior applications.  It will not rot, and is paintable, so we thought it would be a good choice for the laundry room.

Here is a shot of the other side of the room.  (It’s a small room).

And then it was time to move the washer and dryer in and start washing those clothes that had piled up while we finished this project!

Laundry room, done.