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Like I mentioned in my last post, this bathroom was a project we kept putting off.  We had just completed sheetrocking the entire basement, and it seemed like there was no end to the dust.  We were in no hurry to create more.  So, after taking a long break, we decided to break out the hammer drill and get to work.  After removing the tile and lath, which is the wire meshing that holds the mortar, we were left with a dark cinder-block room.  Norm wired up temporary lighting and this is what we were left with:

A blank canvas and a lot of debris to haul to the dump.  H-e-a-v-y debris.  What did we do before Rubbermaid bins? 

Shower stall

After the dust settled, it was time to wire and hang the sheetrock. Norm, who is a licensed electrician, wired a light fixture in the shower stall since it is such a dark space.

 Then it was time to tile!
Believe it or not, the tiling was the easiest part.  Here is what it looked like pre-grout:
Next we had to tackle the floor, which had at least an inch of mortar that still needed to come up.  Oh, and an old toilet flange, but more on that in my next post.